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Invest 307 is the host of Wyoming Invests Now (WIN), Wyoming's equity crowdfunding platform.

  • Invest307 is a marketplace to help Wyoming entrepreneurs and businesses find their way to alternative financing through equity crowdfunding.

  • Invest307 caters specifically to Wyoming owned businesses and Wyoming based investors, as part of the Wyoming Invests Now (WIN) platform.

  • ALL INVESTORS WELCOME! Accredited and non-accredited investors are encouraged to explore and support entrepreneurs make a path to market.

Invest307 is FREE

Entrepreneurs who have prepared their campaign have access to Invest307 for FREE

Fund as much or as little as you need

Invest307 does not put limits on how much you must raise or a minimum amount from investors. However, you can choose your own maximums and minimums.


What are the Benefits of Equity Crowdfunding?

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Fund the Next Big Thing

Prior to equity crowdfunding platforms like Invest307, only high net worth, there was no easy way to invest in start-ups and early stage businesses. NOW- Everything has changed! Invest307 is open to all Wyoming investors to make a difference in their community!

Invest307’s mission is to create an investment community that brings Wyoming business and Wyoming investors together

Our vision is  to build a more prosperous Wyoming that can be achieved when we work together.

Invest307 is a hub for Wyoming entrepreneurs and Wyoming investors to find opportunities to partner in business.

  • Invest307 utilizes the Wyoming Invests Now (WIN) platform, which means ANYONE (accredited or non-accredited) who lives in Wyoming can be an investor!
  • In 2018, new state rules made it possible for every Wyoming citizen to participate in crowdfunding. The WIN platform has become the state’s answer to public investment opportunities for small business, allowing active participation in the state’s economy.
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For Investors

Equity crowdfunding allows them to buy into a business they believe in, and to therefore have a financial share of the rewards of any potential success of that business.

When investing in early-stage businesses, you should be aware that your capital is at risk. Some of the associated risks are outlined later in this article.

How does this work?

When you invest via equity crowdfunding you are purchasing shares in that business. If the business performs well, the value of those shares may rise. If you decide to sell those shares one day, you will profit from the increase in value on those shares.

For example, a company called StarTech, is raising money via Invest307, and you wish to invest. StarTech prices it’s shares at $10 per share, and you invest $100. This means you buy 10 StarTech shares ($100/$10 = 10).

Good News! Your investment was a savvy one and StarTech grows fast over the next 5 years, such that the company’s value increases tenfold. The 10 shares you bought for $100 are now worth $1000.

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