IntelliSense Orthopedic Drill

  • Project Name: IntelliSense
  • Client: McGinley Orthopedics
  • Project Commencement Date: February 15, 2019
  • Project Completion Date: December 31, 2019
  • Project url:

McGinley Orthopaedic Innovations LLC is an orthopedic surgical device design and manufacturing company based in Casper, Wyoming. Founded in 2012, its IntelliSense® orthopedic power tools employ patented and proprietary sensing, navigation, and robotic capabilities far beyond those available to surgeons in the devices offered by any other power tool manufacturer. The Company aims to make its growing product line the “standard of care” in orthopedic surgery worldwide. Its mission is three-fold: increase patient safety, improve patient care, and reduce surgical cost.

Project Overview

IntelliSense Drill Technology® is an innovative HandHeld Robotic technology that uses multiple sensors to automatically stop the drilling process once bone has been penetrated. It senses depth and provides the surgeon with a precise and accurate depth measurement automatically so they can decide on a screw size. The IntelliSense Drill Technology® could improve outcomes, lower cost, and save time in common orthopedic surgeries.

Advancing Orthopedic Surgery

IntelliSense Drill Technology

  • Sizing– IntelliSense Drill displays the depth of drilling, accurate to a tenth of a millimeter. This means your surgeon is better equipped to choose the correct screw size
  • Plunging– Surgeons currently use ‘feel’ to stop on the far side of a bone. IntelliSense automatically stops upon breach of the desired cortex.
  • Radiation– IntelliSense Drill eliminates most intra-operative x-rays
  • Cost– IntelliSense may reduce the amount of wasted screws and repeat surgeries

Pathway to Market

Market opportunity exists in the four million orthopedic surgeries performed annually worldwide – a number that grows each year. Every one of these surgeries is time-consuming, costly, and potentially risky for patients. In 2017, orthopedic surgeries consumed about 5.9 million drill bits annually worldwide (3.8 million in the U.S.), at a value exceeding $640 million. The one million annual joint replacement surgeries in the U.S. drive demand for saw blades worth several hundred million dollars. The Company estimates U.S. sales of power drills and saws – relatively low in volume but high in margin – to be approximately 22,000 units in 2017. Thus, MO’s products address a market in the U.S. alone approaching $1 billion annually.1

In contrast to IntelliSense® devices, most orthopedic power tools currently in use lack sensors, software, and real-time monitoring. Existing orthopedic tools and surgical practices require surgeons to rely on “feel” to determine if a drill or saw they are using goes too far into or through the bone they are seeking to repair. Drilling or sawing too far or through a bone can seriously damage a patient’s blood vessels, nerves, tendons, and other structures and organs. This problem known as “plunging” in the medical profession is a common
error in orthopedic surgeries.

As of 2020, McGinley Orthopedics was fully funded for $2 million. In 2021 McGinley Enterprises will be opening their permanent location on First Street, in the former Wells Fargo building.

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